"That’s my name!"

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i don’t know if this is serious or sarcastic??? thank you?????? 

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queen’s about to throw down

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i have a horrible sore throat + headache so i guess it’s bed 

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Phillip Agnew of The Dream Defenders. The Dream Defenders is a human rights organization that’s building leadership and power among young people of colour to challenge racism in their communities.Phillip Agnew on All In

My heart just lurched.

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Weather app: Chance of rain in colorado: 0%
Colorado: *snows*

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Things to think about that’ll make you happy:

  • Enjolras having a beautiful laugh that he’s learnt not to hold back at meetings. 
  • Grantaire with paint all over his face because he fell into a fresh canvas and then came straight to the Musain to tell the others about it.
  • Combeferre with a moth balancing on the end of his nose, mouth open in shock and begging Courfeyrac to take a photo.
  • Courfeyrac with bed-hair that’s twice the size of his head, holding a cup of coffee and responding to everything with vague grunts and mutters and eyes half closed.
  • Joly being the tiniest of Les Amis and constantly getting piggybacks from Bossuet at rallies so that he can see over the crowd.
  • Bossuet, on the other hand, being incredibly tall and always banging his head on door frames, causing Joly to get a chair, stand on it, and kiss his head better every time.
  • Feuilly falling asleep on a train and missing his stop by two hours and having to phone Bahorel, not to pick him up but to say that he’s stumbled upon the most beautiful little town and he wants Bahorel to get the next train there and they can explore together.
  • Jehan finding a tree that they claim is “the world’s most perfect tree” and sitting under it every lunchtime with banana sandwiches and a sketchbook, painting their nails and drawing the scenery.
  • Bahorel visiting animal shelters to spend an afternoon in the company of all the rescue animals just so that they don’t get lonely without real owners.
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“I recently went to Comic-Con in London, I was invited without the white male counterpart of my cast. And it was packed. They knew it was just gonna be me. So that shook me. I went back to the green room and I was like… I’ve always been told, and I believed, that this doesn’t work without him.” (x)

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There’s this guy that rants everyday about how everyone is sinners at our college and someone made a bingo game to go along with him today

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mom: we’re watching the president!!

me: … i’ve never heard of that film

mom: …… the president of the united states is speaking live…

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